“The whole idea and thought process behind Kneefree is to eliminate injury and discomfort while working.”

– Mattias Tjärnström, Grundare & VD


Why Kneefree?

It’s namely the world’s first load-relieving kneepad that distributes your bodyweight on the shinbone instead of the knee, ankle and toes. It is also light-weight and ergonomically designed, only 200gr per each Kneefree and it is still not wider then your legs.

Kneefree improves working conditions by enabling you to work more comfortably, which reduces the risk for injuries. After 2 years of research togheter with Swedish Work Enviroment Authority ergonomists and professional users, andafter 5 years of development and a patent of the world’s first load-relieving Kneefree kneepads.

CE marking: Developed per the 14404 standardtype2, level2.

Registered Swedish Patent

Registered European Patent

So how does
Kneefree work?

To the right you can see the three different
position that kneefree assists you with.

Here is the science
behind Kneefree.

Here you can read the SBUF Rapport 12293
regarding kneefree:
(In Swedish)

Link here